Wedding Rings made by the couple.

I have assisted many couples in making their own bands. 


Sometimes ancestral metals are used, mixed with new metals.  


I once told a fellow this and he said that his family didn't have "any ancestral gold". I asked him if they had buried his grandmother with her wedding ring and he said, "No, of course not".  It took him a minute but he got there. (And no, his grandmother was not still living!)


Anyway, old gold/silver can be made into new bands, by the couple, designed by themselves. 


Fees vary, according to time and skills.



Marriage Melt Down ( or making something new out of the old!)


This sevice is provided to assist in forging something new out of the old. Melt those rings down and make a beautiful for yourself or family members. Great way to reuse gold and clean up the old....

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