Monthly Classes

Every Wednesday
9:30 AM - Noon

6:30 - 9:00 PM

Classes begin the first Wednesday of each month.


Beginner Classes

The fee for beginning monthly classes is $90 (4 classes). All 4 classes must be taken in the same month. Class fees for beginner students do not carry over to the following month.


Students may choose any of the above times to attend classes. It does not matter to me which they choose, as all classes are very small and individual attention is given to each student.


Beginning students who complete the two sessions of monthly classes are no longer considered to be beginners.


In each of these first two sessions of monthly classes, different skills are taught. Most of these skills build upon each other. 


Advanced Classes/Returning Students

Prerequisite: Two sessions of monthly classes.


The fee for advanced classes is $90 for 4 classes. 


The difference between beginning and returning students is that the 4 classes do not have to be completed in the same month. Sometimes, students actually come more than 4 times a month, as there are times  when a month will have 5 Wednesdays or when students are working on a project that must be completed quickly. 


And at times, projects will run over into the next month, so their fees do carry over to the next month.


However, the fee does not change, it is still $90 for 4 classes and all 4 classes must be paid for at one time.


How to Register

Either send me an email at or call me at 919-244-3711.